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Livestream at 5 am to a crowd of about 5 people on the 9/9/2014

Was obviously wrecked having a mix at this time in the morning so I mess up beat matching and other things loads but it was a pretty inspired little 40 minutes with a tight selection so I felt it was worthy of an upload. :P

Some old 2001 era 2step garage before dropping down into some nasty new Grime shit. Mostly vinyl. Enjoy :)


00:00 Phantasy Star 2 - Restoration
02:00 Submerse - Everything Around Us
06:49 Voodoo Dredd vs Ali G - Keep It Real
09:55 Horsepower Productions - The Swindle
12:34 Timeless - A Garage Affair 
14:46 Groove Chronicles - 1999
16:27 Sunship - Try me out “Chunky Beats mix”
20:31 Beatfreaks and Second Protocol ~ Original Badboy “dub”
22:30 Oxide and Big Kid - Superman
24:13 Ruff Cut Bias ~ Down “DND Remix”
28:34 Joker - Stuck in the system “ASA and Sorrow Remix”
31:22 Dark0 - Phobos
33:07 JLSXND7RS - Aries
34:24 Spooky - Gladiator R.I.P
36:09 Mike Midnight - Adjustment Process
37:40 Boofy - Warzone
39:12 Trends and JLSXND7RS - The Undertaker “Instrumental”
41:00 Dark0 - Amethyst

Check eit!

Clara La San - Nineteen Twenty

Smooth. Just … Smooth 2014 

"Incredible voice"

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Tactical Aspect Studio Mix 2014

Newskool Jungle

1. Brothers With Soul- Music Is So Special (Tactical Aspect VIP)-dub
2. DJ Hype- I Can’t Understand (Tactical Aspect’s Confused VIP)-dub
3. Tactical Aspect- High Life- Dubpride Recordings
4. Lighterman- Like This (Tactical Aspect Remix)- Criminal Records
5. Tactical Aspect- Midnight Selekta- Criminal Records
6. Tactical Aspect- Eye Of The Beholder- forthcoming Logical Direction
7. Tactical Aspect- Stone Cold- Criminal Records
8. Naughty Naughty Vol 5 Side B (Tactical Aspect Remix)- dub
9. Nas- The Don (Tactical Aspect’s Jungle Remix)- dub
10. Tactical Aspect- New Recruits- forthcoming 117
11. Tactical Aspect- The Corners (Lowrise Kingpin Mix)- free download
12. Tactical Aspect- Not Alive- Danger Chamber Digital
13. Citrus Lab- Skerton Bridge (Tactical Aspect Remix)- dub
14. Tactical Aspect- Bad Blood- dub
15. Tactical Aspect- Heavyweight- forthcoming Jungletrain Recordings
16. Tactical Aspect- Break Pressure- Dysfunk Music
17. Tactical Aspect- Crosshairs- dub
18. Tactical Aspect- Infrared- Monkey Deuce EP
19. Tactical Aspect- Ruffneck Soldier- Monkey Deuce EP
20. Tactical Aspect- Alive- Criminal Records
21. Tactical Aspect- Grey Skies (Kid Lib Remix)- forthcoming Criterion Records
22. Tactical Aspect- Mint Condition- Monkey Deuce EP
23. Tactical Aspect- Feeding Frenzy- dub
24. K Jah- I Can’t Stop (Tactical Aspect Remix)- forthcoming Criminal Records
25. Tactical Aspect- Synthetic- dub
26. Tactical Aspect- Subterranean- dub
27. Tactical Aspect- Enigma- Dysfunk Music
28. Paul Blackout- Damaging Areas (Tactical Aspect Remix)- dub
29. Mastersafe- Rolling With The Punches (Tactical Aspect Remix)- dub
30. Rengade- Terrorist (Tactical Aspect’s Train Bomber Mix)- dub

"Jungle still going strong"

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"Gavin Cheung released some of the best hardcore tracks ever made under the names Nookie and Cloud 9. He also released one off twelve inches under the guise of Windy Milla, From The Man Like Pennywise and Freddy Fudpucker aswel as a few non hardcore aliases later on before going totally drum n bass. Here is a mix of mainly Nookie , Cloud 9 and Windy Milla mainly from 92 to 93 era and finishing with a few from 94 and 95. It was one of those mixes that i just wished that the cd would hold more than 80 minutes as I would of liked to have got the f.fudpucker and man like pennywise tunes on but just coudn’t manage too.There was also few other nookie / cloud 9 ones from this era not used but are mainly remixes, surfice to say though that all the important ones are present. This mix has got played a few times already in the motor and has became a recent favourite because of the collection of fantastic tunes whithin." ~ Tony D

Oldskool Rave / Breakbeat Hardcore / Jungle 

1. give a little love:[summertime mix]
2. hold me in your arms
3. the dark starr
4. baby jade
5. love is the message
6. blacka shade of dub
7. windy’s theme
8. here comes bod
9. ruff & massive
10. give a little love:[the not enough love remix]
11. pedro pulls an Essex sort
12. pedro visits Romford
13. bugged
14. mindbomb
15. gonna be alright
16. you got me burnin’:[a.a.s mix]
17. call my name:[a.a.s mix]
18. shinning in da darkness
19. devotion
20. mr logic
21. gonna be alright:[cloud 9 remix]
22. the dreamer
23. you got me burnin’:[ray kieth & nookie remix]
24. t three
25. gun star hero
26. only you
27. a drum, a bass & a piano
28. gonna let you go
29. the sound of music:[foul play remix]

Nookie = 1,3,5,10,11,12,18,21,24,25,26,27,28,29.
Cloud 9 = 2,4,6,13,14,15,16,17,19,20,22,23.
W. Milla = 7,8,9.

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RINSE FM // Butterz B2B Kahn and Neek


Grime / Dubstep / Garage

"Massive set"

Ali Monsta ft Thorpey - Crazy People EP

Bassline 2014

"Liking the oldskool rave thing going on here"

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Doc Scott - Metalheadz - 17/11/1996

Jungle / Drum and Bass

Side A:

[00:00] Deep Blue - Thursday [Moving Shadow]
[04:17] Keen - The Battle Frontier [Formation]
[08:17] Stakka & K-Tee - Ya Don’t Stop [Liftin’ Spirit]
[12:16] Dillinja - Acid Track [Pain]
[18:00] Decoder - Pushin’ [Ruffneck Ting]
[22:41] Goldie Feat. KRS 1 - Digital (Dubplate Mix) [Unreleased]
[26:51] Dead Calm - Identity (Dom & Roland Remix) [Moving Shadow]
[32:33] Capone - Paradise [Hardleaders]
[36:39] Mission Control - The Wind Changes [Genetic Stress]